To Baconators:

It is with a heavy heart that after 5 years of great bacon, delicious beers, wonderful people, fun times, hard work, ups and downs, the owners of Bacon have decided it’s time to move on to the next location. After years of disabling flood problems, it is time to give Bacon the opportunity to focus on better facilities and a chance to really serve Austin more bacon. This has been a very difficult and emotional decision and we are so sad to say goodbye, but a healthy restaurant takes priority.

Thank you to all of our customers. We loved taking care of you, and thank you for taking care of us too. Bacon was the site of first dates, marriage proposals, graduation celebrations, wedding rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, epic parties, live music, Sunday brunch with friends, and many other completely routine and sometimes totally extraordinary moments. Bacon was comforting. Bacon was a welcoming and a smiling face. Bacon was home.

There are no words that clearly express the love and gratitude we feel for our staff that worked so hard to keep the vision alive. Restaurant work is not easy. It takes commitment, thick skin, and a really good sense of humor. It is so rare to find such a dedicated, hardworking, and friendly staff anywhere. We became a family. You took care of each other. We are so grateful for the love and tremendous efforts by our amazing staff. We wish everyone the best of luck in whatever path they chose in their future and look forward to lifelong friendships with you.

Thank you for 5 wonderful years, stay tuned for the next months for our next Bacon venture.